Why Meal Prep Will Change The World

 Meal Prep is a practice, no one is one hundred percent perfect at it. I started FAREWELL because I believe participating in the practice can change the world, one meal at a time. When I was a marketing executive, flying around the country for store openings I lived mostly on on mall food and starbucks at the airport. I started taking notice of the garbage that from the packaging. I also began to crave healthier, more fresh food. Within a month of grocery shopping and eating food from my own fridge I was healthier, happier, and generating a lot less trash. I am excited to share the reasons behind my personal meal prep revolution and why I am such a fan. 


Top Five Ways Meal Prep Is Changing The World:

1. Sodium and Preservative Intake

As we all know but sometimes forget, pre-packaged food is full of sodium and preservatives. By preparing our own fresh healthy meals at home, we have 100 percent control of what we are eating This form of preventative health care will improve our energy, immunity, and decrease the impact on the health care system.

2. Budget Friendly

The average salad costs about $4 to make at home whereas the average lunch costs about $16 to buy from a restaurant or take out. 

3. Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change.

I cannot stress this one enough, folks. We should be making EVERY decision based on environmental impact. Bringing your own food in reusable containers is the most sustainable option for snacks and meals on the go.

4. Taste and Flavor.

Creating meals at home allows you to make food you know you love. Or to try new flavors and ideas. Buying those same starbucks egg bites over and over gives zero creative control over the food. Yawn. 

5. Time

I know it may seem like you don’t have time to meal prep. Trust me I’ve been there. Once you get into the swing of things with grocery shopping once a week, planning meals, and using leftovers it is literally faster than waiting in line to buy food. I promise!