Inspiration for Fall MEAL PREP

50% of my friends can't wait for autumn - they dream of pumpkin spice and layered outfits. The other half wants summer to stay forever, especially in September while the weather is still warm. Regardless of whether you are team Pumpkin Spice or team Endless Summer, here are five tips to keep your autumn meal prep fresh and simple.


#1. Deep Clean and Organize Your Meal Prep Tools.

Carve out some time to give your containers, lids, knives and cutting boards a deep clean.  As you put them away, organize your storage space so you have easy access to your supplies. This will make your meal prepping more fun and enjoyable.

#2. Keep it Seasonal

Swap out seasonal fruits and veggies in your favorite muffins and salads to add variety without having to change things too much. I am eating a ton of stone fruits right now (peaches, nectarines etc) and will likely switch to apples and pears later in September.

#3. Add A Little Vitamin D

Like it or not, the sun is setting a little earlier every day. Bring some Vitamin D to the party by adding mushrooms, spinach, fortified plant based milks, eggs, or fish to your autumn snacks and meals.

#4. Be Consistent

If you're struggling to get back into routine, focus on prepping the same things every week for the first few weeks. This makes shopping and prepping way less stressful! Some great examples are Taco Tuesdays and Friday Pizza.

#5. Get Outside

Now is the time to make lunch an adventure! Whether you get to the park or simply the parking lot, it's so good to get away from your desk and change your physical environment. Keep an umbrella and warm sweater in your desk so weather won't deter you from practicing this important act of self care. Even just for a few minutes, you deserve a lunch break and a breath of fresh air.